Thursday, March 7, 2013

Honorary Dallas Games Marathon

For those of you who knew Duff, and who live in the DFW area, and who felt like you miss him enough to go to a memorial service, it's... at a game store.

Yes, a game store.

Duff loved driving out to Plano to go to the Dallas Games Marathon. It was this thing where you went and played a ludicrous number of games. But it was an hour away, and there was a cover charge, so I never went myself. I'm not a huge fan of driving an hour to pay money to play games with people I don't know.

But Duff was, and he loved that place. So Sunday, March 10, they're having a special, commemorative meeting of the Dallas Games Marathon to celebrate Duff's life. The goofy sumbitch had an awful lot of friends, so I figure there will be lots of people there. I will be there.

Here's the details:

This shindig is a potluck. If you wanted to bring food, you can. One of Duff's friends is setting up a Facebook page to handle the whole thing, so that we don't wind up with 20 plates of hash brownies and no stroganoff. I'll have to update that part once I find out where you can find that particular Facebook page, but I'm working on it.

There will be drinks and chips, but I'm not sure if they're charging at the door. I kind of hope not, but I'm going either way. If I find out the details on that one, I'll update this post.

DGM is in Plano. The actual address is 930 West Parker Road, Suite 530, but that's probably not much help unless you can GPS and drive at the same time. So instead, here's a link with a map:

The thing kicks off at 3 in the afternoon on Sunday. If you can't make this one, don't sweat it. There's another one a week later at Truman Middle School in Grand Prairie. Like I said, Duff had lots of friends. I'll probably go to that one, too.

OK, so there are some facts, so you can plan your weekend. Once I get more info, I'll update this page. And allow me to be profusely apologetic to anyone reading this from a location outside North Texas, because I know you could not care less about a memorial thing I'm doing this weekend.

Oh, one last thing. If any of you decides to have a wake for me after I die - and I'm not saying you have to, I'm just saying if you do - have it at a bar. I like games, but I also like bars. You don't have to bring strippers, but they would make it more awesome. Your call.


JimboGamer said...

The DGM location is at Parker and Alma in Plano behind Chubby's.

There will be no charge Sunday for entry, drinks or snacks.

He was a great guy and will be missed.

Matt Drake said...

Here's the Facebook page, if you want to join up and say what you're bringing: