Monday, October 18, 2010

Announcement - Noble Knight Games

If you've been reading Drake's Flames for a while, you probably know that Dogstar Games keeps this site stocked up with good stuff. If it weren't for them, we would have run out of games five or six times, just this year. Thanks to Dogstar Games, I've been able to respond to several requests that otherwise would have just gone unanswered because lots of publishers would rather send me a bag of flaming dog crap than a review copy. Many of you have been awesome enough to buy games from them, which has really kept them sending me games, and I totally appreciate it.

That's not changing. If I have my way, Dogstar Games will be sponsoring Drake's Flames until I'm writing from the nursing home (hopefully, that will be a very long time in the future). In fact, I recently found out that they do a ton of business in Magic: The Gathering, so if you're thinking of buying some cards, I would consider it a serious favor if you bought your Magic cards from Dogstar Games.

However, my recent decision to start reviewing roleplaying games has left me a little high and dry. It seems that RPGs are, as an industry, even more dysfunctional than board games (and let me tell you, that's saying something). Out of all the companies I've recently contacted for review copies, only one responded, and they didn't even have any stock they could send. My initial foray into reviewing roleplaying games seemed destined to fail - until we were saved by a white knight.

Technically, our white knight is a Noble Knight, as in Noble Knight Games. One the largest internet retailers of roleplaying games and CCGs, Noble Knight Games has also been the biggest retail customer of VixenTor Games since we started. So I'm on a first-name basis with the owner over there, and when I explained my predicament, he came to the rescue.

Noble Knight Games sells a ton of stuff, including vast amounts of products that would otherwise be out of print. They have old collectible card games, new miniatures games, and a warehouse chock full of RPG books. In fact, from now on, any time I review a CCG or RPG that they carry, I'll be linking you to their site to get a copy (unless, you know, it totally sucks, in which case I'll be linking you to a photograph of a smelly bum sleeping in a dumpster). The only exception is Magic: The Gathering, which Dogstar sells like crazy.

So give a hearty hello to our new knight in shining nobleness, and go buy something, already. They've got so much cool stuff, you won't know where to start. As always, if you're looking for deals on board games, you can get them at Dogstar Games, but for just about any other kind of game, take a gander at Noble Knight Games.

There's an ad over to the left there - you know, right under the one for Dogstar Games - so you can find it real easy. And in case you hate clicking a freaking big square box, here's a text link:

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