Friday, November 13, 2009

So I'm Late. Sue Me.

I have had a ludicrously busy week, and I haven't been to bed before 2 in the morning for several days. Right now, I would rather sleep than have raucous monkey sex with Scarlet Johanssen. I have this cool, interesting game to review, but if I do it tonight, I'll screw it all up. So tune in tomorrow, when I'll replace this weak-ass excuse with an actual game review.


Vagabond said...

You're just saying that. I'm sure if Scalett showed up with a monkey costume you'd bring the banana! ;D

Wind Lane said...

The good news is your "excuses" are usually entertaining enough that I just don't care about the delay, because I still get my chuckle on at least for a little bit.

Matt Drake said...

OK, I am pretty sure I could have woken up for Scarlett Johanssen. Or my wife, if she was in the mood. But I would have fallen asleep right after.