Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crappy Service Review - ATT Screw-Verse

Sorry for all of you who logged in today and got to read a review consisting solely of a cryptic title. We got AT&T U-Verse (which shall now be called 'Screw-Verse') over the weekend, and they broke my Internet. Also my phone and television. Nothing worked, and they couldn't be bothered to fix it until this afternoon.

It was bad to be without Internet and phone, but by God, we had no television. The horror. My wife missed the first new Torchwood in a year and a half (so she still doesn't know which hunky dude Super Gay Immortal Man smooched last night).

Anyway, we're back up, so prepare to be amazed by my Fluxx review.


TyBannerman said...

Worst. Review. Ever.

Guru Sweet Pickle said...

Hmm - do you mean to say by the title of the post that AT&T has been playing games with you, and you didn't like them? Or perhaps this (blank, as of 6:20pm MST) post is a figurative representation of exactly how much service they give you, i.e., none at all?

ninthdoc said...

Torchwood is awesome!

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