Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Contest Results

Here's the moment you've all been waiting for - who will win GenCon promos?

I have to admit something very sad - I was not able to get the Heroscape exclusive. I'm as bummed as you are, because I was really hoping to give one away. As it is I'll probably end up buying one on eBay.

Anyway, here's what you guys won:

Andrew Wodzianski wins a Crystal Caste d6 and a Q-Workshop d4 (these are cool dice)
Clay Hales wins a 30-card Magic deck
Matt Messina wins two little Blue Dragon booster decks and the rules to the game
Terry Knight scores two boosters for the Maple Story CCG
Brett White wins an empty box that has Star Wars pictures on it

Those prizes suck, I know. But I'll also throw in a copy of the Monsterpocalypse promotional comic book for everyone who pulled a prize, and I'll have another contest in the next week or two to clean out my office. I'll get these prizes out in the next day or two.


whitestuff said...

Huzzah! I've always wanted an empty Star Wars box. Thanks Matt. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Drake

Anonymous said...

Many kind thanks to you. I'll roll my prizes like a champ!


Anonymous said...

All right! A "clean-out-the-office" contest next! [drool...]

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the winners! Thanks for the contests, Matt! It's fun :) !

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOO. I missed one of your contests, oh that sucks, I so wanted the empty Box. I have already given out 5 of the 7 Heroscape Promo's I got away, the last 2 are signed by Craig Van Ness & Bunjee to me persoanlly or I would give you one ( I needed one for Costa Rica and one for Ohio ).
I am not missing the clean ou the office contest, that one sounds great.