Sunday, August 31, 2008

Contest - Clean My Office

My office is a train wreck. It's great getting games in the mail all the time, but after a while, it can be a real bitch to store them. I tried to clean, but there just wasn't room, and now I've got a tower of games I don't want sitting in the middle of the room, threatening to fall over and bury me so deep I'll need a huge furry dog with a Red Cross jug of whiskey around his neck to drag me out.

So you gotta help me out here. These games need a good home. Some of them are cheesy kid games. Some are party games. Some are actually really good Euros, but I'll never play them again, so I might as well send them to someone who will.

If you can find it in your heart to give my games a good home, send me an email ( and tell me your address, along with the top five games you want from the list below. A week from now, I'll choose five names at random, and then give those five people games from their lists. See how easy that is?

So here's the list of games you could take off my hands for me:

Monster Mayhem
En Garde
Kung Fu Fighting
Wooly Bully
Monster Quest
Refraze: Christian Gospel
Refraze: 90s Country
Refraze: 80s Country
Refraze: 50s/60s Pop
Refraze: 70s Pop
Party Pooper
Pokemon Master Trainer
Would You Rather...
Medici VS Strozzi
Akator Temple Race Game
Geomag Magnetic Challenge
Tricky Town
Delta V
Terra Nova
Lord of the Rings Trivia Game
Key Harvest
Change Horses
Dead Man's Treasure
In A Pickle
Employee of the Month
A box of Zatchbell boosters
Lord of the Rings for kids
Pokemon Yahtzee
Monopoly Jr. Diggin Dinos
Charades for Kids
Disney Charades

You gotta admit, that's a lot of games. There are toy stores that don't carry this many different games. There must be something you might like. There almost has to be. So, one more time for the cheap seats:

Send me an email.
Give me your address.
Tell me your top five games from this list.

It's painless, and if recent contests are any indication, your odds are pretty good - like about 1 in 5. Plus you'll make me really happy when you help me clean my office.


Anonymous said...

I will review the list at work tomorrow (always need things to fill in the goof-off time) and come up with my 5 games

Anonymous said...

Contests are always a good thing!


Anonymous said...

E-mail has been sent. Thanks a lot for the awesome contests :) !!!

Anonymous said...

Thx a lot !!! Geat contest !!!! And useful to push you to give a look to the games in the list you don't know ;)

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