Monday, June 18, 2012

Help Me Find My Dress

Right out of the gate, for clarification, I do not wear dresses. That title was kind of an attempt to be all eye-grabby. But I am looking for a dress. It's my wife's wedding dress. She was wearing it when we got married (which makes sense, because if she was wearing it before then, it would have been dreadfully optimistic).

When my house caught fire last year, FRSTeam by Bibbentucker was hired to store our clothes until we moved back in. We did move back in, at the beginning of June, but somehow, in the meantime, the emergency drycleaners lost a whole big pile of our stuff. They lost my Navy dress white uniform. They lost my daughter' first communion dress. And worst of all, they lost my wife's wedding dress. They actually lost a bunch of other stuff, too, but those are the big three. I'm just glad I got any socks back (though they did ball them all up - half of my socks have the elastic all stretched out of them, so one will stay up on my leg and the other sort of puddles up at the top of my shoe).

The wedding dress was pretty important. We were going to give it to my daughter when she got married. Everyone was kind of excited about it. And now we can't, because FRSTeam by Bibbentucker lost it. But we still want to do that, so we're offering a huge chunk of our insurance settlement to get it back. It's coming out of the money I was going to use to buy my games again. Shouldn't FRSTeam by Bibbentucker pay for it, you might ask? I would agree. Sadly, they do not. They are trying to get out of paying anything remotely close to that, even though they lost the dress and we did not.

Anyway, in order to reclaim the missing dress, I have resorted to a low tactic commonly reserved for evil dictators, common thieves, teenagers and housewives with too much time on their hands - I have started a Facebook page. And at that Facebook page, I have placed a couple pictures of the missing garments. I will add more, if I can find them. Unfortunately, a couple weeks after our wedding, someone broke into our mailbox and stole all our wedding photos, including the negatives, so I don't have very many. That's just one reason this dress was so important - we don't have a whole heck of a lot from that day.

If you were to visit this Facebook page, maybe throw me a Like, and maybe mention it to your Facebook friends (or Google+ friends, or your Twitter friends, or your actual real life friends), it would seriously help me out. I want to reach as many people as I possibly can. If you know anyone living in the Dallas & Fort Worth metropolitan area, pay them special attention - I think I can be reasonably sure that my wife's dress has not left the country.

As an added bonus, if you do go to the Facebook page, you can see a picture of me when I was really young and a hell of a lot skinnier. It will not help you pick me out of a crowd - I've disguised myself with wrinkles, a receding hairline, and a short beard with lots and lots of gray hair. But you can still point and laugh at what a dork I was, and wonder how I got a wife that looked this damned good.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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MIK said...

That's quite an unfortunate string of events, good luck to you.