Saturday, June 26, 2010


I've been writing Drake's Flames for a couple years now, give or take a few months, ever since my gig at Knucklebones went away, which was a direct result of Knucklebones going away. For most of that time, I've updated three times a week, although every now and then, I only write two articles in a week. I took my wife on a New Orleans vacation, and updated twice from the hotel. I went to GenCon twice in that time, and still managed to squeeze out some stuff, despite being neck-deep in stank-ass gamer nerds and alcoholic binges.

But now I'm doing something I haven't done before on any level - I'm taking some time off. I need a week, because things are getting a little hectic over here and I've got too much going on. It doesn't help that I'm running really low on review copies, either.

I'll have my next article July 5. In the meantime, if you're just plain jonesing for some snarky reviews full of piss and vinegar, you can check out the Superfly Circus right here:

Those should be relatively offensive, so that you won't get the shakes and start raiding methadone clinics while I'm out.

See you in a week!


Sharon said...

Enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

May your days off be filled with special needs hookers.

Benny said...

Everyone needs time off every once in a while. Good luck, and come back refreshed and even better.


ewabbie said...

...Knucklebones went away, which was a direct result of Knucklebones going away...