Saturday, June 6, 2009

News Post - New Advertiser

So I'm on the phone today with my friend John Clowdus, who owns Small Box Games, and we're talking about his newest crop of games. In case you don't come here a lot, or if you just found this game review sinkhole, I'll update you real fast.

John and I have been friends for four or five years. I don't know for sure how long, I don't count real good. We both started companies about the same time - I started making dice towers, and he started making games. I've reviewed just about everything he's made, and even when I don't particularly love his games (which is really rare), I gotta hand it him - they're not like anything else you've ever played.

So anyway, he's got like ten games coming out right now, and he's only going to print up as many as people pre-order. He's as small-time as I am (except he's a lot less lazy and a lot more creative), so he can't afford to have 10,000 copies printed up in Taiwan. What this means to you, gentle reader (and you too, dickhead who reads this site) is that you've got a narrow window in which to place an order. The new version of Dirge is one of those games, and Dirge is a freaking blast. I played the updated version at GenCon last year, and it's even better than the original.

Here's where I throw down a win-win for everyone involved. Now that you know about Small Box Games, you can go place your order and pick up all these awesome games. They're pretty cheap, and they're really fun. If I hadn't told you, you wouldn't have known, would you? And it's a win for John, too, because he would really like to sell some games.

It's a win for me, too, because John sends me free games all the time. Which, OK, he would have done even if I hadn't written a special post just to advertise his games, but if you keep John in business, he keeps me afloat in free games. And that's a win-win-win I can get behind.

You can find Small Box Games here:

You can also click the new ad over on the left over there. See it? It's blinking a little. It's kind of irritating, huh? Yeah, that's the one.


Anonymous said...

In compliance with your earlier post - requesting game review requests + due to your Small Box Games post - I'm requesting some game reviews of their games (I've read the rules)..

A Society of Strings
And is Robitco bettr now than as Politico?

Thanks for the reviews..
Eric G

Matt Drake said...

Soon as I get those, I'll review them. I'm really looking forward to them.