Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big Pile of Excuses

OK, see if any of these would get you out of jury duty:

1) My wife has been gone for two weeks. Her plane lands tonight, like in four hours. I've had nobody but dogs for company the whole time, and can't wait to see her.

2) My house is not very clean. I'm going to spend most of the next two hours sweeping and hiding the porn (not really, the porn is all on my computer. I can clean that up really fast).

3) Every member of my regular game group canceled last weekend, leaving me with nearly a dozen games to play and nobody to play them with. And my kids are out of town, so I can't even rope them into a game.

4) I'm hungry, and a little tired, and I don't much feel like writing a whole game review, even if I had one to write about, which I don't because [SEE #3]. I might feel like writing after I eat dinner, but then I have to do the dishes, because as I may have mentioned, my wife is coming home tonight. Otherwise I would chuck them in the sink and then write about something, but it would probably be a review of some dog food or something, since as I mentioned, I don't have any games to review right now.

5) The dog ate my homework, and I've got blood in my stool.

So instead of a review this evening, I invite both of my regular readers to peruse my pile of excuses. You can pick any one of them, if you like, or you can take the whole thing as a group. One or more of these may not be true - in fact, one of them definitely is not true - but what's important here is not the excuses. What's important here is that I'm not writing a review tonight.

I'll write something Friday, though, so come back real soon.

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Black Pit of Lag said...

Awesome blog - ty. Also, glad to hear there is no blood in yer poop.