Sunday, September 7, 2008

Contest Results

Wow, did we get some turnout for this one. I guess giving away actual games - many of which don't suck - is somehow more attractive than giving away ugly dice and empty boxes. So here's a list of people who are going to help me clean my office.

Brad Morton is going to get my copy of Tongiaki. Won't be sorry to see that one go.

Pete Miller scores my copy of Monster Mayhem. Thanks for taking that off my hands, Pete.

Guillermo Cantu is more than welcome to take Terra Nova. Hope you like Euros, big G, because if you like games with death, you're going to be disappointed.

The unfortunately named Endre Enyedy was kind enough to take my copy of Medici vs. Strozzi. Hopefully this wonderful prize makes up for that really weird name.

Jeff Smith actually asked for Seismic. Who am I to disappoint?

For this contest, I decided to name one additional winner. I know I said I was going to pick five people at random, and I did - these five people above won the drawing. But one guy rose above the rest, one brave soul whose game picks made me stop and read twice.

Joe Kiefer actually requested Monster Quest. And it was his #1 pick. So it is with my deepest gratitude that I will send Joe my copy of Monster Quest. Such selflessness and sacrifice should be rewarded. Unfortunately, all Joe gets is Monster Quest, so I get the reward and he gets to hold onto the game until he decides to send it to a landfill somewhere. Thanks, Joe. I owe you one.

I'll get these games into boxes this week and send them to the helpful guys who decided to get this crap out of my office. Thanks, everybody!


Anonymous said...

Ah, I did not win (as always), but there's always next time.
Thanks again, Matt :) !

Joe said...

You know what? I actually wanted to try out the worst game ever and anyway, I need something to to deter home invaders...

-Joe Kiefer

Pete Miller said...

I got Monster Mayhem today. Thanks Matt!

Anonymous said...

I got Terra Nova.