Friday, November 2, 2012

Nothing Review - Not Doing Anything

The toughest thing about trying to update three times a week is that sometimes I run out of stuff to write about. Want to hear about what I had for lunch? Should I review the egg & cheese on flatbread you can get at Subway? How about my wife's recipe for bolognese?

No? It's just as well. I don't actually have that recipe.

OK, how about I review working in a cubicle farm. I could tell you all about gray fabric and painfully fluorescent lights. That would be fun, right? I could complain about my boss, maybe share something that nobody else is experiencing - at least, nobody else under the age of seven, because the odds are spectacular that you've got a day job. You know about ugly offices and corporate drones.

Oh! I know! I could review night class!

Wait, crap, I just did that.

Hmm. Maybe I could review the games I've been playing... except dammit, I haven't played anything new in a long time. I did try that Schlock Mercenary game I was talking about, but just the training mission, so I still haven't really sunk my teeth into it. It seems fun, but 'seems fun' is not a review, unless you review for BGG. They can apparently get away with that.

Family woes? Everybody has those. TV shows I've been watching? Not watching anything good. Making stuff in the garage? Nope, not since the fire burned up all the tools, except for the ones in the shed, which were stolen while we were staying in the hotel.

So tonight's review is a review of nothing. It's a review of exactly how thoroughly mundane life can be, when nothing in particular is happening even though the entire country is doing something interesting. Storms destroying the East Coast, a couple of pandering empty suits trying to get you to tell them they should run the country, embassy attacks and animal cruelty cases, and the best I can do is tell you how I get home from work at six.

Come to think of it, just go read the news somewhere. If that's not interesting enough to hold you a couple days, you can come back here and bitch about it.


Anonymous said...

If you're really bored, we could, I don't know, play a board game or something. Or lunch. Ha. -Alan

Matt Drake said...

I'm not bored. I'm busy as hell. I just haven't done anything interesting.

But we should meet up and play games again.