Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update - The Dogs Are Back

I want to thank everyone who was concerned for my dopey dogs. It's been a tough week and a half, and it wore us down worrying about our stupid pets. But yesterday Animal Control decided they were harmless jackasses, and not hardened killers, and so as of last night, both dogs are back home. They cost us a mint in boarding fees and animal-at-large citations, so we may be feeding them ramen noodles for a few weeks, but they're back home where they belong.


DK said...


Hanamigi said...

Yay! Really happy about that!

Feed them the same thing my mom gives ours, some crunchy stuff that costs 1€ for each Kg. That'd be a harsh punishment.
Send me the ramen :D

Sue G. said...


Jim said...

Yay! (The dogs, not the expenses...)

Jolo said...

Glad to hear you got your dogs back.

Have you considered feeding them cats?

Chris Dupuis said...

Excellent news!

tin0men said...


You've lived my nightmare. We've got two dogs of our own (including a 65lb Ridgeback), and a fence with gaps. And due to our fence oppurtunities, I've done my share of playing games of "Chase the Terrier Down the Block".

And to complete the picture, the wife's a vet, so we've also got too many cats (they seem to come home from work more frequently than should be possible).

Wife's concept of 'letting the dogs out' involves putting them on 24' leashes and letting them do their thing Under Guard. Then picking up the results ('wife's an obsessive too :P).

On the plus side:
1. Our little game of 'Leash-Potty' substantially reduces the opportunity to play the Runaway Dog expansion that you've just reviewed.
2. Our backyard incidence of 'minefield' is pretty low (though I still wouldn't be caught dead rolling in the grass:P).

But it should be obvious that LP is a patented pain in the ass. :P So I wouldn't recommend the 'Leash-Potty' game for everyone. But reflecting on your experience, I can see it has some distinct advantages. :^D