Monday, February 16, 2009

Hooray For Long Weekends!

A rich douchebag pulls up at a stop light in his Ferrari. He's feeling pretty cool, like he could race the wind, and when an old dude on a bicycle pulls up next to him, he yells, "Hey, old-timer, wanna race?"

The old man is not impressed. 'Sonny, in my day, I could have beat your fancy car on foot.'

The rich guy is a little ruffled, but before he can reply, the light changes. So he slams the gas pedal and takes off, leaving the old man in a cloud of burnt rubber. He looks into the rearview mirror and laughs at the old man disappearing... and then the old man isn't disappearing, he's closing incredibly fast.

The guy slows down. He's flabbergasted. And the old man on the bicycle screams past - literally, he's screaming his lungs out as he shoots past the Ferrari like it was parked. In seconds flat, the old guy is far ahead, and the compensating asshole isn't having it. He guns it again and shoots forward.

It's no surprise that he catches the old guy (still screaming like he was sitting on a cattle prod) and flies past. He laughs to himself.

"Try and catch me now, grampa!"

He looks into his rearview, waving goodbye - but once again, the old guy is closing. The rich dick is amazed. His jaw drops. He can't believe when the old man shoots past again, screaming like a banshee.

The Ferrari asshole knows when he's beat. He cruises up next to the old man, who has stopped screaming and now is just panting for breath.

"Damn, old man, you sure can ride that thing. I give. You win."

The old guy looks over at him, his hair blown everywhere, bugs in his teeth, eyes wild, and says,

"Whatever you say, sonny! But for the love of God, let me unhook my suspenders from your side mirror!"


This joke is what you get instead of a review tonight. I had Monday off, and enjoyed an incredibly busy three-day weekend. And while I had a good time and got a lot done, I also didn't sit down long enough to write a review. So I'll have one Wednesday night, when I review Age of Steam. In the meantime, feel free to tell this joke to your friends. I didn't come up with it, so it's no skin off my nose either way.

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