Friday, August 24, 2012

Incredibly Awesome Deal - Reaper Kickstarter

Tomorrow is my game-playing day, and I have to make up for all the games I didn't play while I was at GenCon (yes, that's as messed up as it sounds). So tomorrow, I'll have a review, and tonight, I want to tell you about the only Kickstarter I have ever decided to back.

Rewind in time to last November. I had hundreds of D&D minis and hundreds of rebased Mage Knight figures. I could put out hordes of kobolds, small armies of orcs, or teeming masses of goblins. I never looked twice at buying miniatures, because I never needed any more.

Then my son lit my house on fire. Only the top floor was destroyed, but all my minis were up there. Starting on December 20, 2011, I had no miniatures left at all. This was especially tragic because now I couldn't play D&D properly!

Fast forward to day before yesterday, when a friend points out a Kickstarter campaign being run by Reaper. They're trying to jump-start their line of plastic miniatures, because right now, they only have twelve models and that's not even enough to fill out a single boss fight. When they started the campaign, $100 got you a decent handful of figures - not a great deal, but not bad.

I didn't find out about this campaign until two days ago, and it ends tomorrow. So I'm looking at the tail end of the show, and they have hit a LOT of stretch goals. I mean, it's actually absurd. And the neat thing is that every stretch goal adds more minis that you'll get with your initial $100 pledge. They have actually gathered over two million dollars! That is a lot of money, especially since they initially needed only 30K.

So duh, I'm in. Sure, I'll have to wait until March, but when my minis do finally arrive, I will have almost 300 figures! I did add in a bunch of extras, like dragons and giants and paints and a case, but even those were a freaking steal. Seriously, it's like you're stealing them. At what I paid, and what I'm getting, those excellent plastic figures will cost me something like a buck apiece, and that's only because I added some ten-dollar dragons and stuff. Just that $100 pledge will get your figures for less than 50 cents each.

And this isn't some rinky-dink startup trying to break into the market. This is Reaper, arguably the finest miniatures manufacturer in North America. They have some exceptional sculpts, and they tend to be pretty proud of their work (meaning that their minis can cost you a mint). To score this enormous selection of figures at such a ridiculously low rate makes me wonder if I could just sleep until March, because I'm like a six-year-old dreaming of Christmas morning.

I've spent the last two days watching them continue to hit stretch goals. Since I pledged, I've watched my collection expand to include lizardmen, golems, giants and hobbits. Right now I'm itching to see if they can get the necromancers paid for, and I hope they do, because I totally want those, especially since they won't cost me any more than I've already paid. I'm checking the site every two minutes, anxious to see if they've earned another 20 grand in the last half hour (and usually, they have).

If you love plastic miniatures as much as I do (I vastly prefer them to metal), you should go check out this insane collection of awesome stuff. You may never see a deal this good again. Opportunities this outstanding just don't happen twice - and this one will be gone by this time tomorrow, so jump on it while you have a chance!

(I don't know a single person at Reaper. I've never even emailed any of them. I'm announcing this deal because 1) some of you might not have heard about this incredibly awesome thing, and 2) if they hit the next stretch goal before bedtime Saturday night, I also get some awesome necromancers.)

Anyway, here's the link:



Blasted said...

Coming from wargaming, I've never had an issue with slapping down 300 odd goblins. But this is going to fill a bunch of gaps in my RPG collection. I've never had a rust monster mini before.

I have to say that I find it difficult to see them shipping > 2 million miniatures in March 2013.

Still, too good to pass up.

Anonymous said...


1) I dont do fantasy minis. Let me know when they do tanks and mecha.

2) My kickstarter funds have been depleted for the next 237.4 years.

3) If you ever travel with your games, check out The Keep on kickstarter.

MIK said...

Too good to pass up indeed. I did my part last night. I'm mainly a sci-fi guy, but the way I see it I now have fantasy minis for a lifetime.

Digiconda said...

Matt -

You're correct, this is an incredible deal! I see you'll also receive your Necromancers. If I had more Kickstarter funds I'd likely get in on this one (I read your report to my wife and she asks, "You are not thinking of getting another minis game are you?!") Thanks for the fun comments (the one on the gaming blogs as well).

- Vince

Anonymous said...

No no no no NOOOOOOO!! How did I miss out on this?? Why does this always happen to me? I cannot believe I missed out on this opportunity. I want to shoot myself.

Sharon said...

Oh my gods, we're in for almost $600. Too many cool dragons.

Matt Drake said...

I'm pretty sure that once Reaper opens their pledge site, you'll be able to get in on this deal then. Not sure if it will cost more, but I got the impression they mean to let people get in on the same preorder.