Saturday, August 11, 2012

Announcement About Ads

You may have noticed an extra ad in my little ad strip over to the side there (unless you're seeing the mobile site on your phone or something, and it just doesn't show you ads, thereby saving the trouble of seeing pictures of zombie Mitt Romney eating a baby). It's an ad for Plaid Hat Games, and obviously sort of implies an endorsement of that company.

And that is exactly what it is. I don't charge for that little spot. The only way I will advertise for a game publisher is if I am a big fan. Plaid Hat Games currently has three games - Summoner Wars, Dungeon Run and Mice & Mystics - and two of those are simply fantastic games. I don't much care for Dungeon Run, but I heartily endorse the other two, and think you should buy them.

That ad will run for a month or so. If you're a publisher and you want some free pimping, tell me. I will have to play your games, and furthermore, I will have to like them. If I don't like what you've got, no amount of ad revenue will buy my endorsement. (That is not technically true. I will advertise Yahtzee, if they pay me a million bucks. But after that, I'm giving up game reviews and retiring.)

I can think of several other game companies who could get some free rent on that spot. AEG makes tons of games I would happily play any time. Asmodee is simply fantastic. I may not care for Fantasy Flight's marketing guys, but I love an awful lot of their games, and would be fine with recommending them. But there are a lot of smaller companies I would be fine with advertising, too, like the guys who make Sentinels of the Multiverse.

So anyway, if you see an ad for a game publisher in the margin to the side of the reviews, you can rest assured that I actually do recommend that you buy their games. I'm still not in this for the money (just the free games).

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