Thursday, January 31, 2008

Announcement - Contest Winners

The winners of the Thanks for Reading contest should have received your winnings by now, except for third place, because I forgot to bring it with me last weekend. I do that a lot, actually.

Anyway, first place scored two packs of Battleground cards. I hope you like that game. I'll have a review up... sooner or later.

Second place got a shiny new Foot Locker dice tower from VixenTor Games. I even picked one out that wasn't wobbly, because I'm that cool.

Third place got a tube of dice, or he will if I ever remember to give them to him.

Fourth place was absolutely giddy to get my copy of Atlanteon, and I was absolutely giddy to get the damned thing out of my office.

Once more for the cheap seats - thank you all for reading this rambling trainwreck of a review site. I have more games to give away for more contests, so stick around and we'll see if we can't get those out of my office, too.


Bay said...

The military-themed dice tower is really great -- I've already sent many handfuls of dice down its twisty little passages. And it looks awesome next to Memoir '44 and Tide of Iron. Thanks for the prize, Matt!

Matt Drake said...

My pleasure. Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the contest, even if I didn't win. How many people where in it? If you don't mind me asking?